Intrusion Tolerant Systems Joint PI Meeting Presentations

Monday, July 17
1230-1240 Program Manager’s Welcome Dr. Jaynarayan Lala (DARPA)
1240-1305 Automatic Synthesis of Program-based Triggers for Intrusion Tolerance Mechanisms  Chris Michael (RST)
1305-1330 System Health and Intrusion Monitoring (SHIM): A New Approach to Triggering Intrusion Tolerant Mechanisms  Calvin Ko (NAI Labs)
1300-1400 Semantic Data Integrity David Rosenthal (ORA)
1415-1430 Group Discussion  
1430-1500 Self Protecting Mobile Agents Lee Badger (NAI Labs)
1500 Group Discussion  
Tuesday, July 18    
0845-0915 Scaling Proof-Carrying Code to Production Compilers and Security Policies 


Andrew Appel (Princeton University)
0915-0945 New Approaches to Mobile Code: Reconciling Execution Efficiency with Provable Security  Michael Franz (UC, Irvine)
1010-1040 New Approaches to Mobile Code: Reconciling Execution Efficiency with Provable Security  Andrew Myers (Cornell University)
1040-1055 Group Discussion  
1055-1130 MAFTIA Yves Deswarte (LAAS-CNRS; SRI International)
1230-1255 Intrusion Tolerant Server Infrastructure  Dick O’Brien (Secure Computing Corporation)
1255-1320 Intrusion Tolerance Using Masking, Redundancy, and Dispersion Janet Lepanto (Draper Lab)
1320-1345 Hierarchical Adaptive Control for QoS Intrusion Tolerance Jim Just (Teknowledge)
1345-1415 Group Discussion  
1415-1440 A High Security Information System  Joe Johnson (Univ of South Carolina)
1440-1505 Engineering a Distributed Intrusion Tolerant Database System Using COTS Components Peng Liu (Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County)
1505 Group Discussion  
Wednesday, July 19    
1000-1030 Threat/Attack Model and Policy Specifications Discussion Carl Landwehr (Mitretek)
1030-1045 Models of Security Policies for Proof-Carrying Code Andrew Appel (Princeton University)
1045-1130 Group Discussion  
1230-1255 Active Trust Management (ATMs) for Autonomous Adaptive Survivable Systems  Howard Shrobe (MIT)
1255-1320 Dependable Intrusion Tolerance Alfonso Valdes (SRI International)
1320-1345 Intrusion Tolerant Software Architecture Bruno Dutertre (SRI International)
1345-1400 Group Discussion  
1415-1500 Joint Battlespace Infosphere Walt Tirenin (AFRL)
1500-1530 Using Maximum Entropy for Rapid Cyberwarfare Deduction and Inference - A Demonstration Philip Calabrese (SSC-SD)
Thursday, July 20    
0845-0925 A Distributed Framework for Perpetually Available and Secure Information Systems  Greg Ganger (CMU)
0925-0950 SITAR: A Scalable Intrusion-Tolerant Architecture for Distributed Services Fengmin Gong (MCNC)
1005-1030 Tolerating Intrusions Through Secure System Reconfiguration  Alexander Wolf (Univ of Colorado)
1030-1040 Group Discussion  
1040-1105 Randomized Failover Intrusion Tolerant Systems (RFITS)  Ranga Ramanujan (Architecture Technology Corp)
1105-1130 Computational Resiliency  Steve Chapin (Syracuse University
1230-1300 Agile Objects – Component-based Inherent Survivability  Andrew Chien (UC, San Diego)
1300-1325 A Comprehensive Approach for Intrusion Tolerance Based on Intelligent Compensating Middleware  Amjad Umar (Telcordia Technologies)
1325-1335 Group Discussion  
1335-1405 FOUR A – Agent Adaptation and Assurance Bill Scherlis (CMU)
1420-1445 Intrusion Tolerant Distributed Object Systems  Greg Tally (NAI Labs)
1445-1510 Intrusion Tolerance by Unpredictable Adaptation (IT by UA)  Partha Pal (BBN Technologies)
1510-1530 Group Discussion  
Friday, July 21
0845-0915 Effectively Constraining Active Scripting on the Win32 Platform Anup Ghosh (RST Corp.)
0915-0945 Integrity Through Mediated Interfaces Bob Balzer (Teknowledge)
1000-1030 A Binary Agent Technology for COTS Software Integrity  Anant Agarwal (InCert Software Corp)
1030-1100 Group Discussion  
1100-1130 Program Manager’s Closing Remarks Dr. Jaynarayan Lala (DARPA)

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