Intrusion Tolerant Systems (ITS) Kickoff 

August 3-4, 1999 - Phoenix, AZ


Tuesday 3 August  - Intrusion Tolerant Systems PI Kickoff Meeting Track

  ITS-1 Welcoming Remarks ITS PM

  ITS-2 Sandboxing Mobile Code Execution Environments Anup Ghosh, RST

  ITS-3 Semantic Data Integrity David Rosenthal, ORA

  ITS-4 Integrity Through Mediated Interfaces Robert Balzer, ISI

  ITS-5 Scaling Proof-Carrying Code to Production Compilers Andrew Appel, Princeton

  ITS-6 A Distributed Framework for Perpetually Available and Secure Information Systems Pradeep Khosla, CMU

  ITS-7 Containment and Integrity for Mobile Code Andrew Myers, Cornell

  ITS-8 A Binary Agent Technology for Cots Software Integrity Anant Agarwal, InCert Software

  ITS-9 New Approaches to Mobile Code: Reconciling Execution Efficiency with Provable Security Michael Franz, UC Irvine

  ITS-10 Agile Objects Component Based Inherent Survivability Andrew Chien, UC San Diego

  ITS-11 FOUR A Agent Adaptation and Assurance William Scherlis, CMU

Wednesday 4 August  - Intrusion Tolerant Systems PI Kickoff Meeting Track continued

 ITS-12 Intrusion Tolerant Systems Kickoff Workshop

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